Thursday, October 9, 2008

Stop the Presses

Here's the latest from three of my favorite sex columnists!

Savage Love, by Dan Savage: Dan gets questions from a young woman who wants to know if secretly slipping off a condom during sex is just something guys do, and from a guy who's having trouble finding a chick as into his crossdressing and occasional bisexuality as he is. Dan also offers personalized sex advice to anyone who donates money to support gay marriage in California or Florida.

Control Tower, by Mistress Matisse: Mistress Matisse offers advice on how to turn a vanilla partner kinky, and still finds time to make a few zingers at Sarah Palin's expense.

Pucker Up, by Tristan Taormino: In a report from kinky sex camp, Tristan tells us why role playing prostitution never stops being hot.

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