Friday, October 31, 2008

Stop the Presses: Week of 10/27/08

Control Tower: Mistress Matisse imagines what would happen if Obama, McCain, Biden and Palin showed up at the Folsom Street Fair to try to win the kink vote. Highly recommended -- I nearly hyperventilated reading it!

Open Source Sex: Happy Halloween! Violet Blue is definitely on to something when she points out that if you want to have really hot sex, it helps to be a freakin' zombie!!

Teresa's Modern Life: Teresa Jusino of Pink Raygun (the mecca for girly geekiness online) writes that geeky girls shouldn't wear sexy versions of geeky costumes for Halloween. I respectfully disagree.

Savage Love: Dan's advice is sorely needed. A girl moves in with her boyfriend, only to find he thinks a two liter bottle is a good midnight alternative to a toilet; a guy wants to name an impossible sex act; and a gay guy has a question about extracting his boyfriend's come from his ass and drinking it in a champagne flute. Seriously, it's like a train wreck. You can't look away.

Tango Magazine: Tango reports that, according to a new study, body weight has no effect on the age when women lose their virginity or the number of partners they have. Nice to know.

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