Saturday, October 18, 2008

Is Sarah Palin a Sex Symbol? You Betcha!

One of my partners, Ana, just read the most recent Click Me column in the Village Voice, which talks about erotica author Rachel Kramer Bussel's plan to edit a website of erotica stories about Sarah Palin. Ana heard somewhere that Susie Bright is planning something similar and she was a little appalled. She asked me if I have any insight into why Palin is a sex symbol.

I've never fantasized about Governor Palin. Not my cup of tea. But when you think about it, it isn't that hard to see why thoughts of Sarah Palin keep so many men warm through the cold Alaskan night.

Republicans cry sexism the moment people start to define Palin by her gender but the fact is there's something to it. While no one can deny that she's more than the sum of her ovaries, it's clear that John McCain chose her as his running mate because she's a woman who would -- he hoped -- appeal to female voters. More over, Palin is a mouthpiece of the Religious Right, a group that, for all its talk of family values, completely defines itself by sex. Whether they're opposing gay rights, picketing abortion clinics, teaching abstinence-only sex ed, crusading against pornography, BDSM, nonmonogamy or gay parents, it is clear that the more Christian evangelicals try to repress themselves, the more they become totally, utterly, irrevocably obsessed with sex! With her high profile pregnancies and former career as a beauty queen, the sexuality in Sarah Palin's life is front and center for all to see. Plus there's the little matter of forcing her seventeen-year-old daughter into a marriage with the delinquent who knocked her up...

All this explains why Palin is catnip for conservative men. But a Palin fantasy is arguably way hotter for a liberal or a lesbian. How many horny teenagers in Catholic school dreamed of fucking some sense into the pretty nun who taught their English class (or conjured an even more imaginative scenario involving a bit of corporal punishment)? Sarah Palin is the ultimate forbidden fruit, the ice queen of Wasilla within whose breast lurks a wild slut just waiting to be unchained by some rough sex, forcing her to face those dark desires she has tried to repress for so long. Who's cock or strap-on inspires this brutal catharsis in our poor pitbull? Is it the person entertaining the fantasy, or have they chosen a surrogate? Barack Obama, maybe. Hillary Clinton. The entire starting roster of the New York Rangers. The possibilities are endless.

It is clear that there are no shortage of reasons to find Sarah Palin hot and if she turns your particular crank you should stop feeling guilty and just enjoy. Just remember that it's only a fantasy, and -- whatever you do -- don't vote for her!


  1. I still can't get over my visceral repulsion long enough to find Sarah Palin sexy, but here are the links to Susie Bright's disagreement with me: