Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sex Poll in The Observer

The Observer, a UK daily, has recently polled British people on their sexual attitudes and experiences. The poll is broken into a series of articles covering different topics: Quality and Quantity (how much sex people are having and how good it is), Home and Away (sex with friends, coworkers and prostitutes), Manhood and Monogamy (penis-size, sex toys and monogamy, or lack thereof), Homosexuality, Safe Sex, and Education and Ethnicity (sex ed and interracial sex).

A few things stood out to me.
(1) While gay marriage is legal in England, homophobia seems to be alive and well there.
(2) Contraception seems to be used regularly there, but 81% of respondents have never had an HIV test, which is rather shocking.
(3) It may have been a juxtaposition gone awry but by putting a question about sex toy use next to penis size, it seems to suggest a connection between feeling of inadequacy and need to use sex toys. 55% of British people have never used sex toys, and should really try it.
(4) I know I shouldn't be surprised but the part of the poll dealing with monogamy does not include any questions about nonmonogamous relationships, only cheating. One suspects that open relationships and marriages are as common in England as they are here.

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