Saturday, February 21, 2009

(re) Introduction: A History of the Blog Formerly Known As "The Sex Geek"

About five months ago I decided that I was so fascinated by sex that I wanted to write a blog about it. But unlike most sex blogs I didn't want to write about my own sex life. Don't get me wrong, it's AWESOME. But some remaining inhibition or need for privacy made me decide it's none of your business. No, this would be a blog for people who shared my interest in sex in general.

I've always seriously geeked out about books, movies, plays, music, websites, podcasts, etc., that talked about sex in a positive, fun and informative way and I wanted my blog to be about that stuff, posted for you as I find it. It was going to be a resource for people like you and me that enthuse about sex the way that other people enthuse about Spider-Man, Star Wars or Dungeons & Dragons.

I came up with two possible names for this blog, very similar ones: "The Sex Geek" and "Geeky Sex". I preferred the second one. I thought the first one sounded a bit creepy -- it can conjure a picture of a greasy, bespectacled individual adept in one-handed web surfing (if you know what I mean) -- whereas the second just sounds like good clean fun. Also, there were a few sex bloggers who called themselves Sex Geek (my favorite is here) and there were no active blogs called Geeky Sex. But, alas, some wretched soul had already created a blog called Geeky Sex, posted once in 2006 and abandoned it, making the address unavailable. So, the decision made for me, I set up shop at

It's always bugged me a little so when I noticed that (A) that wretched soul had finally erased their abandoned blog, and (B) a bunch of my readers seemed to have wondered away during my inactive period, I decided it was a good time to relaunch the blog! Welcome to Geeky Sex!

As I have time I'm going to repost the old entries back dated so we can all imagine it's been one continuous blog. Until then, please visit The Sex Geek for all my old entries.

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