Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Podcast Round-Up: Week of 10/27/08

It's a light week for sex podcasts, but here are two that are worth listening to.

Savage Love, ep. 106: This week, Dan gives a man advice on how best to fuck a canalope; gets a call from a college boy who thinks his 17-year-old girlfriend is immature and overlooks the possibility that the blame lies closer to home; talks to a guy who can't get off from sex, just one very specific masturbation style; commiserates with a guy whose wife gets offended every time he asks to expand their sex life beyond her two favorite positions; and counsels a baby fag from California who wants to come out to his extended family to get them to vote no on Proposition 8.

Sex Is Fun, ep. 147: Kidder and Friends continue their conversation about friends with benefits.

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