Saturday, February 28, 2009

Podcast Round-up: Weeks of 2/15/08 & 2/22/09

Savage Lovecast, ep. 122: Thanks to abstenience-only education our daughters are getting butt fucked by straight guys and having kids with fags, according to Dan. One caller is so, so sad because he has an enormous cock and his friends make fun of him. Alcohol is a key player in a poly drama. And a lesbian takes offense. A lot of offense.

Savage Lovecast, ep. 123: A girl wonders if she should move in after three years, another wonders why she's never felt any kind of sexual pleasure, even from masturbating, a gay couple asks for an argument arbitration, a soon-to-be divorcee won asks what she should tell her three-year-old about her gay husband, and one of the Tech Savvy At Risk Youth finally gets to talk on the air.

Ropecast 2/22/08: It's Gray Dancer's fortieth birthday and the spanking is delivered, on the air, by Lolita Wolf, the leather yenta. Gray also tells us what kinds of ropes he prefers, reviews different kinds of nipple clamps and gives us the news from this year's Dark Odyssey S&M conference.

The Mistress's Podcast 2/17/09: Matisse and Monk take a week off from kinky sex to discuss fashion. Does Monk prefer single- or double-breasted suits? Does Matisse prefer to dress like Siouxsie Sioux or Catherine Deneuve? And just what should the smart set wear to Seattle kink events this season? News flash, everyone: kinky people are sometimes a little anal about details!

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