Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mind Control?

I must have missed this a few months ago and I definitely wanted to post it now in case you did too. Apparently somebody has invented a brain implant that can improve orgasms and it has been used to turn a woman with a low sex drive into, well, a slut. Follow the link to read the (somewhat sensationalist) article in The Guardian. I'm not sure how to feel about this, so I'd like to invite comment.


  1. Stuff like this worries me. It's one thing to develop sex toys that people can choose to use or not use to enhance/improve their sexual pleasure. It's another to "fix" the inner workings of someone's BRAIN because someone deems their sex drive "too low." I mean, I suppose that one would choose to have this kind of chip implanted...but someone who chooses to improve their sex drive in this way already has the will (or the reason in a partner with a higher sex drive) to pursue other helpful methods.

    I'm wary of things that change the natural workings of someone's body - because one's body is wired the way it is for a reason. It's the same reason why I don't use birth control to control my irregular period even though I'm not sexually active. Lots of women do that, but the way I see it, my body knows what it's doing. Yes, it's inconvenient sometimes, but I'm not going to mess with my body's natural rhythm just to make it more convenient.

    I think that sex drive only matters between the two people trying to have sex. There shouldn't be a uniform standard of what a "proper" sex drive should be. Some people have lower sex drives. And you know what? Those people would be great matches for other people with lower sex drives! Not everything can, or should, be fixed by a pill or a chip, and there's a reason why there are so many differences in what people want and need sexually.

  2. I think the woman agreed eventually because she had the chip removed. And that's a good sign -- even though her sex drive was enhanced she hadn't lost her free will, and she decided to go back to her lower sex drive.