Sunday, February 22, 2009

Podcast Round-Up: Week of 2/15/09

A little behind on podcasts but there were some good ones last week so here goes...

Savage Lovecast, ep. 121: In a special Valentine's Day episode, Dan talks to Wayne Bensen from Truth Wins Out about the lie of Christian "ex-gay" programs. And the Tech Savvy At Risk Youths' dreadlocks aren't getting any cleaner.

Sex Is Fun, ep. 162: Kidder, Laura, Coochie and Rick interview body waxer John Zeches after he removes all of the hair from Kidder's body. (I might have interviewed him before I got the full body treatment, but that's why Kidder is Kidder.)

Poly Weekly, ep. 192: Minx interviews BDSM and queer activist Clarisse Thorn about Sex +++, a pro-gay, pro-kink, pro-poly series of documentary screenings organized by Thorn in Chicago.

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