Thursday, May 7, 2009

Podcast Round-up: Recent History

Swingercast, ep. 63 and Sex is Fun, ep. 174: This week both Swingercast and Sex is Fun are reporting on the fun and hijinks at the Swingercast's group excursion to the Desire Resort in Cancún, a resort Kidder refers to as "the sexiest place on Earth." I was seriously green with envy hearing about their vacation. And if you want to hear the dirty stories (you do!) listen to Kidder and Jade in BathTalk Weekly 4/13/09, BathTalk Weekly 4/15/09, BathTalk Weekly 4/22/09, and BathTalk Weekly 5/7/09

Savage Lovecast, ep. 133: In this week's Lovecast the emphasis is on the savage 'cause Dan apparently left the empathy at home. However Tristan Taormino drops by to cheer him up and discuss polyamory with one caller planning to open her relationship.

Sex is Fun, ep. 172 and 173: Kidder, Laura, Coochie and Gay Rick discuss sex addiction with clinical social worker Jim Stoltz. Our beloved hosts are obviously kind of resistant to the whole idea, since the term is frequently thrown around in a sex negative context. However Stoltz's expertise and patient explanation quickly win them over to the idea that it is possible to have too much sex, and a fascinating discussion follows. The second part is here.

Polyamory Weekly, ep. 202 and 203: In her past two episodes Cunning Minx has brought us a lecture by Oberon Zell about the history of polyamory, including his own thirty year experience in the lifestyle. The second part is here.

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