Saturday, May 2, 2009

Stop the Presses: Week of 4/25/09

How Male Bisexuality Got Cool (Daily Beast): Rachel Kramer Bussel writes about how homoeroticism has become a fad from straight guys, from Internet media moguls to movie stars. Are the late 2000s going to be for bi guys what the early '90s were for bi gals, she asks?

Open Source Sex - "Bye Bye Bisexual" (SF Chronicle): Violet Blue is also writing about the recent bisexuality trend -- specifically the fact that everybody is trying to be bi these days, but not everybody believes bisexuals really exist. Violet explores some of the difficulties of really, truly being bi.

Savage Love 4/30/09 (The Stranger): Dan coins the term "leotarded" and gets a lot of use out of it as he counsels a girl who is upset by her boyfriend's porn habit and slaps some sense into a boy who is considering breaking up for no good reason. He also catagorically refuses ever to use Twitter.

Control Tower 4/23/09 (The Stranger): Following a rare visit to a swingers club, Matisse reflects on the different etiquette and mores of swinging and BDSM clubs.

A Sex Worker's Guide to Craigslist (Daily Beast): Author and former sex worker Tracy Quan explores the world of prostitution on Craigslist and outlines why it isn't necessarily as dangerous and all the recent Craigslist Killer media coverage is suggesting.

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