Friday, January 16, 2009

TES Novice Group Meeting

The Novice Group of The Eulenspiegel Society met on Wednesday night and, since I've always meant to go to some of their kink related activities and the topic sounded so funny, I decided to drop by. Princess Wendy (not actually pictured above, that's just the most interesting image Google kicked out) talked about "Boo-Boos, Blunders and BDSM," which basically consisted of explaining a few of the most annoying behaviors aspiring dominants fall into. P.W. got some knowing laughs as she labeled Greedy Smurf (the dom who wants to play with absolutely everyone), Robo-Dom (the top who is always in character, resulting in an unfortunate lack of personality), Master Dragon Breath (the guy who takes himself so seriously he'll use his dominant role as an excuse to act like an asshole to people outside the scene), the Dissatisfied Cypher (who drifts from one kind of play to another but never really finds something they like), Lord and Lady Overeager (who will engage in any kind of play, even if it doesn't turn them on or if they don't know how to do it safely) and, finally, Super-Dom, aka The Equipment Rack (self-explanitory).

From this meeting, I'd recommend TES as a support group for anyone who's into BDSM. The people I met were welcoming, down to earth, and with only one exception totally uncreepy. I'm definitely going back soon.


  1. I agree - TES is really great. I took that Intro to Dom workshop with them, and everyone was super nice, really chill, and very knowledgeable. I've been meaning to go to one of their Novice Outings sometime...

    PS - I'm curious about the creepy exception!