Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Podcast Round-Up: Week of 1/19/09

Savage Lovecast, ep. 118: Should a mom let her daughter know that Grandpa's a crossdresser? How to you dump an unmedicated bipolar girlfriend who is threatening to hurt herself? How can you help a 29-year-old ex-fundie over his performance anxiety? Dan Savage will tell you in this week's episode.

Sex is Fun, ep. 159: Kidder, Laura, Coochie and Gay Rick interview Veronica Wolf, an NYC dominatrix and an editor of $pread Magazine, about sex work in general and professional domination in particular.

Ropecast 1/22/09: Gray Dancer interviews Japanese bondage model Kogure.

The Mistress's Podcast 1/23/09: Matisse and Monk discuss all of the recent sex worker busts in Seattle.

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