Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Make Love, Not War!

I would like to recommend an article that Betty Dodson just wrote about Christine O'Donnell on the liberal website Truth Out. With everything that has been written about Christine O'Donnell in the last few months it didn't really occur to me that the voice that was missing was Betty Dodson's. As Dodson points out, on the subject of masturbation she is the exact opposite of Christine O'Donnell -- Betty Dodson has spent forty years helping women learn how to masturbate and understand their own orgasms, whereas Christine O'Donnell built her career around the idea that masturbation is a sin.

Dodson writes:
Still, I can see our commonality. We were two cute but undereducated girls with many handicaps and a lot of courage to make a difference by speaking out. Masturbation is a lustful sin in her eyes, and she is now a polished TV personality. I've been supportive of this basic human activity for decades and I can't even get arrested.

The rest of the article goes into the reasons why Dodson feels that the lack of personal sexual freedom and the ignorance of both men and women about their sexual bodies -- ignorance that masturbation would help them overcome -- is actually at the root of all of the world's problems. You might think that she's over simplifying things with this "make love, not war" argument but she actually manages to make a surprising amount of sense.

Until we acknowledge and accept masturbation as the foundation for all of human sexual activity, we will continue to be a nation of fast-ejaculating men and pre-orgasmic women. Through the consistent practice of masturbation, girls can become orgasmic women who are rarely victims because they have self-esteem and can speak their minds. Boys who have trained themselves to control ejaculation will become men with sexual self-assurance who are less prone to violence. By lessening sexual ignorance, boys and girls will make better social adjustments. Once we can accept sexual diversity as the law of the land, the quality of everyone's lives will improve.

Finally, the entire article is worth reading for this double entendre alone:
Finally the GOP gave sex-starved Americans a sex scandal - blow jobs in the oval office! Ken Starr blew a load of taxpayers' money detailing the entire episode.
Priceless! (emphasis mine)

Read the whole thing here

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