Monday, March 29, 2010

Breaking Upwards

Somebody (not me) has recently said polyamory is the new black. Yeah, it sort of is. There's a new movie coming out about a poly relationship. Normally, I would be very wary but its trailer is so charming that I'm totally disarmed. I will go see this movie, no problem. Maybe it's beautiful use of New York as a backdrop. Maybe it's the parents, who seem hilarious. Maybe it's the naturalistic sounding dialogue, which reminds me a lot of the absolutely fabulous Humpday. I don't know. But I definitely have a good feeling about this movie. Yes, it's going to be melodramatic -- every attempt to address poly is melodramatic because, let's all admit it, poly is melodramatic. But I feel like it has promise anyway.

According to the website it opens on Friday in New York. You can see it in Los Angeles and San Francisco shortly thereafter.

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