Friday, November 27, 2009

Recent Updates

Not a lot of posts lately, I realize, and I'm sorry about that but I've been super busy with the rest of my life (also seasonally depressed, but the first excuse sounds better). However, I have updated some of the links in the right-hand column lately.

You know, when I first started writing this blog the right-hand column was kind of the entire point. I wanted a list of links to all of my favorite sex-positive websites in one place on the Internet, sort of a crossroads for accessing cool sites with fun and geeky info about sex. What started as a few dozen links has now grown to 126, including about a dozen added in the last couple days.

So if you're reading this blog on Google Reader or through an RSS feed or something, you're only getting half the picture. You might want to click here and browse some other great sites.

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