Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finally, A Reality Show I Would Watch!

I'm back! Loyal readers, thank you (both) for waiting patiently during my blogger lapses. Sometimes my real life gets crazy and I stop posting. The crux of the matter is I don't really regret having a real life that can interfere with blogging. That may mean I'm not a very good blogger...

A little more than a month ago I laid into Mistress Matisse for being dead wrong about vanilla sex so I think it's only right that I point out when she is dead right about something. In her Control Tower column in this week's Stranger, she is reviving an idea she has mentioned before -- creating a reality show called America's Next Top Dominatrix. It was a funny joke before but this week she goes into some ideas for the structure of the show and what the challenges would be and, I've gotta say, not only is this a reality show that I would watch, I think it has the makings of a crossover hit that would unite the BDSM community (a small group), people with an interest, expressed or unexpressed, in kinky shit (a much larger group), people who want to watch reality show contestants do strange and humiliating things (nearly everybody), and gawkers (probably a bunch of shitheads but they can pad the Neilsens and spend money on the advertisers' products too so I guess we'd better let them watch). I think this idea really has legs and I think Matisse might well the the perfect host -- she's kinda the Tyra Banks of pro dommes. Now where is a producer with the stones to finance this surefire hit?

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