Sunday, March 20, 2011

Five Fun Links #2

1. A Lutheran minister tries to codify the ethics of Dan Savage and puts his finger on a few places where the sex columnists ethics fall a little short.

2. Worst threesome EVER in season 2, episode 3 of Awkward Embraces.

3. It's hard to give kids good sex ed without getting shot down as porn...

4. A dirty Wii game (sort of).

5. My new favorite NSFW blog, at its new digs on Tumblr.

BONUS LINK! This fan fic crossover between Oglaf and the Old Spice Guy was suggested by ladyofthelog on last Sunday's links post. (On a personal note: I DON'T UNDERSTAND FAN FIC!!!)


  1. To my great sadness, Blogger ate my first comment. So, I will try to sum up my thoughts:
    1) I'm really not surprised that I agree with a Lutheran pastor's thoughts on Dan Savage. While I know Savage Love has been very valuable and affirming to a lot of people, I think the way Savage delivers his message is often shaming and makes me feel uncomfortable. Honesty and disclosure are important, but holding principles over people in more grey areas (like AHND's) seems like it is not necessarily kind or sound advice.

    2) Regardless of whether or not fan fic makes sense to you, it has helped lots of people find out that they and their desires are not at all freaky, 14/15 year old me among them!