Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Susie Bright on Political Violence

In the wake of the attack on Rep. Gifford, Susie Bright has posted on her blog about the various times when people have tried to kill her.
I was seven months pregnant; I had to go to the bathroom every few minutes. I asked my producer to follow me into the lavatory on the ground floor; I felt a little nervous from all the anti-Susie protests upstairs in the auditorium.

It was one of those giant tiled restrooms with a dozen stalls and porcelain sinks lined up against the wall. From the rear corner a young blond woman, with a sharp tool grasped in her hands, rushed up to me. I don't know know what I would have done without my colleague there. —Or without my giant belly giving this young woman pause.

She was in tears as she accused me of "female genocide"— yes, she with the blade in her hand. It made her angry to see me as a mommy-to-be, a real woman who had to take a piss, who might not be a monster after all. She wanted me to be that monster so badly, so she could destroy me.
In her usual, sex-is-politics way, Susie breaks down exactly what's going on in the minds (and what isn't going on in the bedrooms) of these crazy, gun-wielding psychos. Definitely worth a read, both for its bearing on the current situation and the political violence that seems like it has always existed in this country.

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