Friday, September 4, 2009

Susie Bright on "Bloodballing" and Other Fun Activities

Watching the first episode of the second season of True Blood, my friends and I particularly remarked a scene where vampire Bill Compton drinks Sookie Stackhouse's blood, then spits it into her mouth while kissing her. Of course this reminded us of the snowballing (essentially the same practice but with cum instead of blood) and the term "bloodballing" was coined.

This week, Susie Bright has written a long article for the Huffington Post about the link, both historical and contemporary, between sci-fi/fantasy/horror and erotica. She takes both genres back to the dime store days of censorship, follows the rise of Anne Rice-type vampire stories during the AIDS crisis, and then tells us which writers of True Blood published stories in her own Best American Erotica series.

If any of you doubted that sex was indeed geeky, this article should set you straight.

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