Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stop the Presses: Week of 12/1/08

Open Source Sex: Violet Blue discusses sex and the economy, from the recent plethora of recession-themed ads in Craigslist's casual encounters section to the sex trade that evolved between real estate brokers, mortgage wholesalers and bankers during the subprime mortage boom.

Couples Staying Together Because of Poor Economy (Huffington Post): One unexpected consequence of the financial crisis -- married couples are giving it another shot (or at least continuing to live with their exes) because they simply can't afford to get divorced at the moment.

Control Tower: Craigslist has recently started charging posters to use it's erotic services section and Matisse (who is, of course, a sex worker herself) is fed up with sex workers talking about how terrible it is.

Savage Love: Dan explains why a monogamous lesbian is having trouble dating a nonmonogamous lesbian using very small words so the monogamous one is sure to understand, then explains why college boys believe tree-fuckers are gay. He also asks his readers to write a post card to Barack Obama.

And, in case you missed it, Dan Savage debated Tony Perkins on Anderson Cooper 360 and kicked his butt:


  1. Wow, you've totally turned me on to Savage. Between seeing him demolish this guy without breaking a sweat, and reading his column in the stranger, i think i have a new idol. Thanks :)

    And: love the blog, keep up the good work.